Mama Dog Begs Not to Sell Her Pups, Insists to Keep Her Pups When Witnessing Owner Takes Them Away

Seeing the puppy being sold by the owner, the mother dog tried to beg the owner to change his mind. The mother dog’s motherly love moves many people.

Recently, a video of a dog pulling and begging the owner not to sell the puppy caused a stir in the online community.

This clip with 1.9 million views and 151.4 thousand hearts on Tiktok has touched every viewer’s heart.In the clip is a picture of a dog constantly holding the hand of the owner. It can be seen that at that time in the hands of the owner was a puppy. According to the person who uploaded the video, at that time, the owner intended to sell the puppy. Knowing this action of the owner, the mother dog continuously pulled and begged the owner.

The mother dog begged the owner not to sell her

Watching the clip, you can clearly see the mother dog begging the owner and constantly kissing her child’s face as if to reassure her child. That action of that dog made the viewers emotional. Divine motherhood exists in any animal, not just human.

Mother dog Reassures puppies with kisses

The act of holding and begging the owner to stop selling the child is emotional

Many netizens’ comments expressed their emotions after watching this short video. Indeed, sometimes in our busy lives, we sometimes don’t spend much time with our families and parents.

But parents will never blame their children, ready to extend their arms to protect their children unconditionally.

Some comments from viewers

– Who watched this video and shed tears like me?

– sometimes dogs are even more emotional than humans! Don’t sell the puppy because its mother will be heartbroken

– Don’t sell the puppy, uncle!

– I love dogs more than people!

Everyone expressed their emotions at the act of motherly love

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