Owner Brought Her To Be Put Down, But Her Purple Fur Hid A Dark Story Behind It

Dr. Karri, an experienced vet at an animal clinic called “Vet Ranch”, was left rattled to her bones when she saw Violet, a small dog with multiple bite wounds and purple fur. The owner, who surrendered Violet to be put down, claimed that the tiny dog was mauled by a bigger dog, writes ilovemydogsomuch

It is a known fact that many bait dogs are colored purple before being used to train fighting dogs. However, Violet’s owner attributed the dyed fur to a purple wound spray that was used on her right after she got mauled. But due to medical neglect, the wounds festered for weeks and pushed Violet closer to death.

In this eye-opening video, we see Dr. Karri taking us through the intensive medical procedure that she performs on Violet. With heavy pain meds and antibiotics, Violet endures the difficult treatment process as the vet attends to her various infections and abscesses. After 12 days of constant monitoring, Violet finally recovers from the septic stage!

Seeing that Violet had such a depressed and defeated look on her face in the beginning, it is so satisfying to see the dog’s happy run at the end. She can hardly hold back her grateful smiles whenever she’s in Dr. Karri’s arms!

Violet got adopted soon after she made a complete recovery. She lives with her new mom, Kelly, and her Jack Russell doggie sister, Peanut, who is just her size! Thank you Dr. Karri for turning around Violet’s life!

Click the video below to watch Dr. Karri being an amazing miracle worker for Violet!


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